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Our obituaries for Newtown, CT act as quiet reminders of the finite nature of our lives. Yet, for those who have recently experienced the death of a family member or friend, obits mean so much more. Obituaries can be a starting point for the difficult grieving process and tell a valuable story of the life that was lost. In this way, obits are a valuable part of healing and remembrance for families who are experiencing the loss of someone dear to them. At Honan Funeral Home, we believe that making these death notices available online does more for the Newtown community than leaving them to be strictly found in local publications. Hosting obits on our site allows Newtown families to share them on social media and even have them be accessible for a long time after the death has occurred. In addition, we find that there is more participation in funeral services when obits are posted to our website.

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Our website serves as an important connection between friends, loved ones and family of those who have passed away. When the deceased is entrusted into our care, an important part of the process is ensuring that our local obituaries are updated to include useful information. For a family experiencing loss, there are many challenges being faced and many decisions that need to be made all while dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. Obits make it possible for these families to get support from the people of the community and those close to them.

Tributes can help make difficult times a little bit easier. Condolences, online memorials, and commemorations are a main reason for making our current services available to the public.

We know how important obituaries can be. Therefore, with the Book of Memories platform we have expanded how individuals can interact with obituaries. Once you find the loved one you are looking for, just click on their name to access their obituary. You will be taken to our Book of Memories, where you can not only read obituaries but you can leave condolences, light a memorial candle as a tribute, send flowers or a sympathy card, share some memorable photos, or you can even make a donation.

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