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Burial Service Information

At Honan Funeral Home, we want to make sure that you are well informed about the different types of burial packages available. We think that this is important so that you can make the right choice about how to say goodbye to a loved one, or pre-plan your own funeral.

First of all, what is a burial service? That might seem like a trivial question, but we find that we often have people come to us who do not know the purpose of a burial or how it is structured. The resources and pages below will provide clarity.

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After learning about burial services, take a look at the different burial packages we offer. Try to find one that suits your wants, and if you are having trouble do not hesitate to call us for help at 203-426-2751. Please take some time to read through and make sure that a burial service is the best choice for your loved one and your family. Do you know what elements are included in a traditional funeral service? If not, then take a look at the ‘traditional funeral services’ page. This page will help you decide if you are looking for something traditional, or if something more modern will be a better choice for the deceased or yourself.

Once you decide what kind of burial service you want, the next step is to plan it. Our ‘how to plan a burial’ page is a great reference if you’ve never planned a burial service in before.

Burial Packages for Newtown and Surrounding Communities

Although we are located in Newtown, we also welcome families from Danbury, New Fairfield, Bethel, and Brookfield. We want to make our affordable burial packages available for as many families as possible. We take pride in connecting with Newtown families, and we hope to make more connections outside of Newtown.
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